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    A discussion on the characteristics for a good team and how to assess and improve teaming.

    Teams don't always accomplish their intended goal. The fact that people work together [formally and informally] in a group does not mean that they will be more productive or get better results. To obtain their goal a group must have teamwork; working together with a common focus while utilizing their strengths and minimizing the individual weaknesses.

    Effective teams have certain characteristics that differentiate them from other groups. These effective teams can be depended upon to consistently deliver results because of the nature of their relationships. Their behavior [within the team] encourage collaboration and engagement. Both attributes are highly desired in today's work environments.

    In this talk we will discuss the foundational elements for team successes. We will review the basic steps leaders must take to focus and encourage the right team behaviors that are required to get the desired results.

    Working together with a common focus while utilizing their strengths and minimizing the individual weaknesses.

    ~ Mark McCatty

    A discussion on effective and ineffective leader styles, and how to behave in a way that encourages positive influence.

    Leaders are judged by the results they get. But what does a leader do when they don't get the results they want?

    "I want to be a better motivator" is a frequently stated desire I hear from supervisors and managers of all levels. The truth is that these leaders are already powerful motivators for their staff. They are just motivating the staff in the wrong direction - to work against them. Understanding that everyone is already motivated is information that is important for leaders to hold. When a leader accepts this principle it becomes easier to lead in a way that influences positive motivations.

    In this talk we will discuss the key leadership behaviors that will result in effective leadership. And we'll review the drastic consequences of the ineffective leader behaviors that frequently occur. We'll look at several actions leaders can take to improve engagement levels within the work environment.

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