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    Why SCRUM?

    What is the SCRUM Methodology?

    SCRUM is a popular agile methodology that helps organizations manage a project faster and more effectively. SCRUM is sometimes referred to as agile project management because it provides an adaptive, flexible framework designed to deliver working products in incremental steps throughout the project.

    The project is divided into a series of concentrated work cycles, called “sprints,” in which the project team works on a set of features from idea to implementation; these features are then integrated into the developing project.

    Why SCRUM Works

    Although SCRUM is often used to deliver software, the agile SCRUM framework is structured in such a way that it provides effective results within all projects and industries.

    SCRUM works so well because it empowers self-organized, cross-functional project teams to deliver the highest value in the shortest amount of time. The SCRUM Master acts not as the project manager but as the team’s coach, helping them achieve their highest potential with minimal distractions.

    Within the SCRUM team there is a high level of transparency, communication and accountability, with continual forward progress.

    How is SCRUM Different from Traditional Project Management?

    The traditional approach to project management works off of a fixed scope and schedule, with an enormous amount of time spent on planning around those fixed parameters. It is common for projects to fall behind schedule and go over budget, with an end product that often does not meet the most important customer needs.

    In contrast, the SCRUM methodology prioritizes a commitment to deliver a functional set of features at the end of each sprint. The primary goal of each sprint is to bring a product increment to completion while keeping the entire project moving forward.

    “In the absence of commitment there is only half-hearted compliance or whole-hearted defiance.”

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