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    SCRUM increases ROI

    Agile SCRUM Minimizes Risk and Uncertainty

    Regardless of a project’s size or complexity, it is impossible to guarantee success at the outset. This uncertainty is one reason why agile SCRUM is preferable to traditional project management.

    SCRUM delivers results early on in the project, showing the project’s worth and providing an opportunity for interested stakeholders to reinvest in the project. At the end of each project sprint, stakeholders have the opportunity to address risks that may decrease the project’s value and make changes if necessary. In contrast, traditional project management discourages regular changes that may throw off the project’s timing or budget.

    The SCRUM methodology also allows the project team a greater understanding of which customer requirements – or “User Stories” – to prioritize, rather than being distracted by multiple prioritization schemes.

    Some of the key differences with respect to Value-driven Delivery in Scrum project and Traditional projects are given in the figure below.

    SCRUM Methodology Provides Value Early On

    In the agile SCRUM world, a Minimum Marketable Feature (MMF), or the smallest piece of functionality that can be delivered as soon as possible, is defined at the beginning of the project.

    Shippable product increments are delivered throughout the project, at the end of each sprint. This differs from traditional project management in that there is no waiting until the project is complete, or if the project succeeds.

    An MMF is small enough to be deliverable in a short amount of time, yet big enough to launch on its own as a feature a customer would buy, thus increasing the entire project’s ROI. 

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