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    Let's Create Your Safety Culture…

    Training not taking? Team not listening? Regulators not happy?  We can help.

    Company culture describes the shared values and practices of the organization. Culture is the way things get done. Culture should support the values of the organization. Using culture as a verb;  culture should maintain conditions suitable for growth. [An important attribute for company leadership is to maintain the health of the organization.] Good leadership will define the culture that develops.

    A typical story from a mining application…

    There was a mine where the employees lacked a strong commitment to safety. Leadership was frustrated because the mine was faced with an MSHA POV from the ongoing violations.

    This mine had an culture of cynicism and disengagement within the workforce. As a result there were too many violations, near-misses, and accidents. Then, the leaders took a hard look at their expectations [for themselves and for their employees]. 

    The leaders started involving employees and creating teams to pinpoint and prevent incidents. The result was that as people became more engaged in the work and they began to take ownership and lead the culture to a safer, more productive place.

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    Safety is not a program it's a process...a system for creating a strong safety mindset.


    The 2-Day workshop Forming and Growing High Performance Work Teams is a resource for organizations wanting to get more employee involvement in creating a safety culture.

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    As a leadership and team advisor, I have helped numerous organizations, through speaker presentations, group training, and individual coaching, to meet the challenge of creating engaging and purposeful work environments. 

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