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    Who is Affected by Today's Technologies

    By Mark McCatty, Leadership & Team Advisor

    I recently promoted last year's Live2Lead leader event in my home town. The Live2Lead event was viewed by thousands around the globe. Along with John C. Maxwell, Simon Sinek was one of the key presenters and he was highly appreciated for his presentation. Simon Sinek has been viewed by thousands talking about the challenge of technology for our younger generations. He talks about the addictive effect that using technology provides and how it destroys the ability to develop positive relationships.

    There is a lot of talk about the challenge that younger people face because of dealing with technology. Along with the talk of the problem younger folks have with their addition to technology is the [sometimes] disgust that is expressed with the impact this dependence on technology has on those who live and work with this younger generation.


    But let's be real about the issue with technology.

    The fact is that this technology challenge affects more than just the young folks. As a gray-haired, leadership & team advisor I find myself afflicted by many the same issues. I'm guessing that, were all of us to be perfectly honest, we experience this, too.

    It is an issue when we pay too much attention to technology. And when we place the value of time with technology over people, we neglect the people around us. This point is driven home quite well by Kara Powell in her QTalk Numb Generation. Here's the link Numb Generation to her presentation. It's worth a look.

    So, pull yourself away from the distractions that technology offers, at least while others are around. A key leadership attribute is connection with others. And we cannot connect when we are distracted - as leaders - as parents - as spouses.

    Be the person who is intentional in connecting with others. Show respect and value to others by giving them your time and attention. People want to feel admired, appreciated, and respected. Your attention can give people what they need the most from you.

    Mark McCatty - Leadership & Team Advisor


    Improving Leadership ROI


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