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    Goals for a Self-Organizing SCRUM Team

    By, Mark McCatty

    An important SCRUM principle is the principle of self-organizing team. As opposed to traditional command-and-control style of management, SCRUM utilizes teams more fully. SCRUM offers that today’s workers have much more to offer than just their technical expertise and that the team can deliver greater value when self-organized. By making these teams cross-functional they have the ability to handle all the work tasks within their areas of responsibility. By arranging the teams into self-organized units the teams have the ability to be flexible to respond to obstacles quickly.

    There are very measurable team characteristics for determining effectively self-organized teams. These characteristics are:

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    SCRUM Can Get it Done

    What is the SCRUM Methodology?

    SCRUM is a popular agile methodology that helps organizations manage a project faster and more effectively. SCRUM is sometimes referred to as agile project management because it provides an adaptive, flexible framework designed to deliver working products in incremental steps throughout the project.

    The project is divided into a series of concentrated work cycles, called “sprints,” in which the project team works on a set of features from idea to implementation; these features are then integrated into the developing project.

    Why SCRUM Works

    Although SCRUM is often used to deliver software, the agile SCRUM framework is structured in such a way that it provides effective results within all projects and industries.

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