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    Leadership & Team Advisor

    Improving Leadership ROI through daily leadership and team development practices. Mark McCatty, Inc - Leadership & Team Advisor

    Mark is a highly effective Organizational Development Consultant / Trainer who has extensive experience in operations management.  His résumé includes successful experience from an hourly production operator to plant management and, ultimately, vice president for international operations/sporting goods manufacture.  

    Mark has a diverse background with proven experience in industrial and manufacturing environments, as well as government and service industry venues. He has worked extensively in the Caribbean Basin, Central America, and South America, and is able to relate to diverse cultures and economic systems.

    Mark’s leadership and organizational development consulting has helped numerous organizations meet the challenges of creating high-involvement work environments. He has the ability to maintain focus, provide clear direction, and communicate effectively with employees at all levels. Mark has been highly successful in helping organizations achieve world-class performance goals. 

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    As a leadership and team advisor, I have helped numerous organizations, through speaker presentations, group training, and individual coaching, to meet the challenge of creating engaging and purposeful work environments. 

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