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    Online certificate training is available.

    A significant part of our passion for Leadership & Team Advising is our passion for education and how it not only improves a future leader's own skill set but also how it enhances their ability to empathize with team members and know the best recommendation to make for professional development.

    On that note, explore MMc Online Training and find the flavor of training that speaks to you and the direction in which you want to take your personal improvement, training, and career.

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    Online DISC Assessments Available.

    in association Personality Insights, Inc
    Be sure to check out the Fitness version of the Discovery Report. This is a DISC profile specifically designed for those who are interested in getting the most out of their fitness, health and athletic endeavors based on their personality style. This is a specific assessment that looks at your personality traits in combination with your approach and goals related to fitness.

    Online DISC Assessments

    DISC Profiles take the guesswork out of interacting with others.

    What are your chances of connecting well with another person? On average, two people have about a 40% chance of experiencing a good personality match based on on how their personality styles naturally mesh together. That means that, most of the time, two people are likely to have a built-in challenge to relating well with each other – UNLESS they understand each other’s personality styles. Personal and business success hinge on effectively connecting with others. Why GUESS and take your chances in relationships when you can KNOW your personality style and the personality style of those around you? The DISC assessment and report reveals your personal style and helps to guide you to connect with others in a much better way. .

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    As a leadership and team advisor, I have helped numerous organizations, through speaker presentations, group training, and individual coaching, to meet the challenge of creating engaging and purposeful work environments. 

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