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    Forming and Growing High Performance Work Teams

    This workshop is designed to help managers start, develop, implement, and maintain High Performance Work Teams in their organizations.  High Performance Work Team is not a program; it is a on-going process designed to generate solid business results. Whether the team’s focus will be production or safety, it is critical to team success to follow good process. The focus of this workshop is to determine the appropriate use of teams, plan team structures, and facilitate necessary changes.

    This 2-Day workshop can help minimize start-up mistakes, insuring that results are realized more quickly.  Companies with existing teams have found these methods to be crucial in re-energizing existing teams that are not effective or in helping effective teams continue to excel and move toward self-motivation – the goal for high performance work teams.

    Learning Objectives
    Learn how to configure teams that fit the unique business initiatives of the organization.
    Understand how teams grow and develop and how to manage that process.
    Develop strategies for involving managers and supervisors in the culture change that must take place for teams to flourish.
    Learn how to plan and develop detailed team implementation, development, and support plans.
    Gain an understanding of the new roles necessary for team support - steering teams, design teams, implementation teams, sponsors, facilitators, and coordinators.
    Recognize the importance of developing a "vision" for team growth and development and how to communicate it to the rest of the organization.
    Develop strategies to keep the motivation and enthusiasm high for teams.

    This 2-Day workshop is designed for anyone in the organization charged with the responsibility for building, growing, or enhancing the performance of work teams including:

    faviconSenior management

    faviconOrganizational decision makers

    faviconPlant managers

    faviconSafety EHS leaders





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    As a leadership and team advisor, I have helped numerous organizations, through speaker presentations, group training, and individual coaching, to meet the challenge of creating engaging and purposeful work environments. 

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