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    The 4 Life-Stages of Successful Teams

    By Mark McCatty, Leadership & Team Advisor

    A team is a collection of people who gather together and combine their talents to accomplish a shared goal. We’ve all seen teams that have tremendous individual talent, yet fail to get it across the goal line. There is a difference between effective and ineffective teams. The difference between successful and ineffective teams is their ability to go through the stages that teams go through quickly. And it’s easier to get things moving when some momentum has been generated [ https://www.leadershipteamadvisor.com/our-blog/getting-teams-moving.html ]. Successful teams have a deep understanding of personal and collective strengths, and each team member cooperates with the other members to reach their shared objectives and honor their shared values.

    A Team is a group pf people who work toward a common goal, while demonstrating respect for each other. Respect is a key characteristic of uncommon teams. Respect is observable.  Team behaviors are present and easy to see, and easy to assess. It is also possible to assess the quality of the leadership behaviors that are demonstrated by the team’s membership.

    The 4 stages of a team…    

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    To Be a Better Leader; Build a Better Team

    A leader is only as good as the team they lead. You can’t be a world-class leader if your team is only 2nd class. Effective leaders need a team that is willing – and able – to contribute value. Unfortunately, many leaders don’t invest the time in building their [internal and external] team to the level that they should. This activity is one of those important/not urgent type.

    John Maxwell is well-noted as a leadership guru. I appreciate John’s Leadership Law #11 which states, “A leader’s potential is determined by those closest to them”. Simply stated our success is determined by those that are closet to us. We choose who is on our team.

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    Facing Challenges Through Perseverance

    When we work to accomplish anything over the long haul, our internal drive fluctuates. Sometimes we’ll feel highly motivated; sometimes we won’t. Or, as an early mentor told me: sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you. But it’s not our motivation that will produce results — it’s the action we take that will determine the results we experience.



    Having perseverance and self-discipline help us keep taking action even when we don’t feel the motivation to do so. Perseverance is the ability to maintain action regardless of your feelings. You press on even when you feel like quitting. This requires determination. If you take the time, and invest the effort to cultivate this grit or persistence, then you can achieve what may initially appear to be impossible.

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