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    Transformational Leadership in the USMC

    by, Mark McCatty, SAMC, SCT.

    Organizations exist and survive because of the good people within the organization. There are those in leadership who can create a vision and inspire, while others catch the vision and provide their part through person effort. But all involved are adding by using their strengths and willingly contributing their abilities to the vision.

    Every organizational leader desires to have a followership that is committed to, above all else, providing their unique set of strengths, and their discretionary effort to getting the job done. Having this type of followership does not guarantee that things will be easier, only that goals would be more fully realized through the committed effort of all those involved. Many hands make the load light.

    What I learned at Parris Island

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    A Leader's Role in a Healthy Organization

    As was stated in a previous post – An organization that sustains success is one that has 2 critical elements. The organization is smart and it is healthy.

    The leadership of an organization has four primary responsibilities regarding the development of organizational health; the ability of the organization to grow, and sustain that growth. Those four responsibilities for organizational leaders are: Inspire; Innovate; Collaborate; and Execute.

    It is not the leader’s role to fulfill each of these responsibilities personally. Rather, the leader must develop a climate that nurtures and encourages these characteristics in the culture of the organization.

    To inspire the leader must work to motivate and excite others to take action for common purpose, model positive leadership by treating others with respect, and by coaching and developing others. To innovate the leader must generate and support innovative ideas, encourages calculated risk-taking, and foster and encourage innovation. For collaboration a leader must act for the good of the organization, collaborate with others across the organization, and be a team player. To execute the leader must possess an orientation for results and promote the health of the organization.

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    Facing Challenges Through Perseverance

    When we work to accomplish anything over the long haul, our internal drive fluctuates. Sometimes we’ll feel highly motivated; sometimes we won’t. Or, as an early mentor told me: sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you. But it’s not our motivation that will produce results — it’s the action we take that will determine the results we experience.



    Having perseverance and self-discipline help us keep taking action even when we don’t feel the motivation to do so. Perseverance is the ability to maintain action regardless of your feelings. You press on even when you feel like quitting. This requires determination. If you take the time, and invest the effort to cultivate this grit or persistence, then you can achieve what may initially appear to be impossible.

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