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    Practices of Authentic Leadership

    By, Mark McCatty, Leadership & Team Advisor with Mark McCatty, Inc. Authentic leadership describes the character and intentions of the leader. These traits compel the leader to work to remove obstacles – not impede progress – for those who trying to accomplish the vision. They engender feelings of comfort and competence from those that are lead. These leaders help others see what is possible.

    Leaders that lead intentionally and with authenticity have a sense of purpose that extends beyond their own person benefits. These leaders build positive relationships and connect with others. They lead from their heart and operate with the right motives. They have a clear understanding of their values and they discipline themselves to hold to these values.

    Sense of Purpose

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    To Be a Better Leader; Build a Better Team

    A leader is only as good as the team they lead. You can’t be a world-class leader if your team is only 2nd class. Effective leaders need a team that is willing – and able – to contribute value. Unfortunately, many leaders don’t invest the time in building their [internal and external] team to the level that they should. This activity is one of those important/not urgent type.

    John Maxwell is well-noted as a leadership guru. I appreciate John’s Leadership Law #11 which states, “A leader’s potential is determined by those closest to them”. Simply stated our success is determined by those that are closet to us. We choose who is on our team.

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    As a leadership and team advisor, I have helped numerous organizations, through speaker presentations, group training, and individual coaching, to meet the challenge of creating engaging and purposeful work environments. 

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