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    Fitness DISC Personality Profile

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    Bob was having trouble staying consistent with his exercise routine. He knew how important his fitness level was to maintaining his health. But Bob had trouble keeping himself “motivated”. Suzy was sidelined for frequent injuries and unable to keep her commitments to exercise. Bob and Suzy can realize greater success with the Fitness DISC Personality Profile. 

    The DISC Profile for Physical Fitness is an excellent tool for identifying your motivations when crafting personalized exercise routines.  You will not only gain insight into how to find more motivation for the long haul but also learn how your personality traits influence what types of workout plans work best for you.


    What's In The Report?

    • Types of exercise routines that may be best for you
    • Areas in which you exceed and perform easily
    • Areas in which you are challenged and struggle 
    • Strategies for staying motivated and on-target
    • Insights to achieve fitness goals by combining your personality traits with the best approaches

    If you're ready to meet and exceed your physical fitness goals, take the Fitness DISC Profile today.

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